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How to Write a Persuasive Term Paper that Really Works

All Term Papers are Really Persuasive in Nature

If you think about it, all essays and research papers are persuasive, even more personal ones. The writer is always persuading you to understand their point of view and support it, right? Well, a good persuasive essay does just that. What you want to do in this paper is to write a persuasive argument, which convinces the reader that you are completely right on this subject. For example, if you are trying to persuade your reader that eating organic fruits and vegetables is more nutritious, you would want to gather evidence to bolster your argument on this. You will also need to refute, debunk, or disprove nay-sayers and the opposition.

Organizing Your Persuasive Project

Organizing chiefly argumentative and persuasive term papers which present a strong point of view is different that organizing a comparison and contrast, descriptive, or informative essay. While these essays move from an introduction with thesis statement, through paragraphs which mainly inform the reader, to a conclusion, yours will have a different structure entirely.

Persuasive Term Paper Structure

  1. Introduction
  2. (depending upon the length of the essay this can be one long paragraph leading to your thesis or two paragraphs, with the first one being a story or a means of leading to your thesis paragraph with a long example that sets the stage for your real introductory paragraph.

  3. Thesis Statement
  4. Coalesce and condense what you are persuading your reader into one sentence that clearly states your belief that you are persuading your reader to align themselves with.

    For example, “We must begin growing organic, to save our planet and ourselves from harmful pesticides that are ruining our environment. “

  5. Body Paragraphs:
  6. These establish the evidence for your persuasive argument and make up the bulk of your paper. In beginning drafts, you can make an outline of your evidence. These points can later become working topic sentence ideas for your paragraphs.

  7. Acknowledge the Other Side’s Chief Objection:
  8. In order to create a really effective persuasive essay, you must acknowledge your opponent’s most popular, widely agreed upon objection to your argument. For example, with growing and eating organic, opponents might say that both growing and eating organic are too expensive and that there are no real benefits to either. And this is when you will use step five.

  9. Overcome the Opposition with Solid Reasoning and Evidence
  10. Now, you wouldn’t have written the essay if you couldn’t overcome the opposition, right? So use or restate some of your best evidence to debunk their objection.

  11. Move to an Effective Close
  12. In a persuasive essay, bringing the essay into the very present moment of what’s going on with your topic—a recent finding, article, newscast that says something hopeful or foreboding for the future if your thinking on is not heeded. Leave your reader pondering in a persuasive essay, and you’ll shine.

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