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Perfect Essay Structure: A Brief Manual For Rookies

Everyone knows that essays should have an introduction, the body paragraph, and conclusion. The problem is how to construct these sections correctly. Failing to know the importance of a decent logical structuring hinders your ability to present the most superior knowledge. You can always ask for cheap essay service help anytime, but you still need to know how to structure an essay.

Consider these three points when writing the introduction:

  1. Should have a suitable size
  2. An introduction must be near to half a page in length and around one paragraph. The paper length determines the size of the opening. The introduction of three to four pages long task can be one page.

  3. It should directly connect to the area of question or discussion
  4. Don’t include lots of background information in a fairy-tale style. An introduction should not include definitions (unless when asked to), description or citations of your intentions or something like this. Just highlight the facts of your subject, demonstrate the reason for the argument on the topic, or your personal position that you will have to prove in the assignment.

  5. It ends with a thesis statement
  6. A thesis statement is the final sentence of an introduction which presents the core idea, explains why the idea is true and proves the main accents of additional writing. The thesis statement has one more function; to prove the kind of assignment. When writing the argumentative essay, your thesis statement would demonstrate what you want to argue or show. In an expository paper, the thesis provides the explaining method. Essay writing service USA can help you create your thesis.

Body paragraph
You also need to follow some rules:

  1. One paragraph – one idea
  2. Every paragraph should emphasize one thought, perspective or argument with sufficient details. Don’t present two ideas in one paragraph.

  3. The paragraph shouldn’t be below three sentences
  4. This is the shortest paragraph. Paragraphs of five to six sentences long are optimal. It might be longer if required but not extremely long. Too long or too short paragraphs are not adequate in academic writing, and social work essay writing service writers know this.

  5. Must have a subject and conclude sentence
  6. A subject sentence is the starting sentence presenting the notion of a paragraph while the last sentence should sum up the presented information.

  7. It shouldn’t end or start with the citations
  8. The citations serve as supporting tools that should be placed between concluding sentences and topics. Ending or starting a paragraph with citation isn’t allowed. Seek essay writers service if you get stuck.

In the conclusion you should:

  1. Restate the thesis statement that you presented in the introduction. You should prove what your statement declared before and demonstrate that you’ve reached your purpose; explained, made analysis or proved your argument or statements
  2. Just summarize discussed information. Do not give any new information in the conclusion. You have to highlight the key ideas that you mention in the body once more.

Once you are done writing, you should never forget to edit your work. You can still get essay edit service; a professional will edit and proofread your work. All these structure tips will help you create an outstanding essay.

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